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Why Go Barefoot?

Posted by Lorinda in Events

“Why do you go barefoot?” or “Why are you not wearing shoes?” Those are common questions people ask when they meet someone walking around in bare feet. This mostly happens when they’re going barefoot in public, but occasionally it also happens when they’re barefoot indoors especially when it’s cold or the floor may be dirty. A probably well-meaning or simply curious friend or family may ask them such a question. But it may be perceived as being judgemental or nosy.

So for those of you who are wondering why some people like going barefoot, let me ask you. Have you ever taken your shoes off after a long day at work or school? How did it feel? I bet most of you enjoy the freedom of being barefoot after your feet have been cooped up in hot and restrictive shoes for hours. In fact, many of you would take them off at every chance you have even if just for a few minutes. Don’t you wish you could be barefoot all the time?

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