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Thai Foot Massage

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Thai Foot Massage (TFM) has been practiced in Thailand for thousands of years. Even today there are Massage Shops in every town and often Thai people will end their working day by having a foot or full body massage in order to relax and loosen up after a hard day at work.

The treatment itself is a mixture of reflexology and massage with two main differences to clinical reflexology:


 1.   TFM involves using a traditional massage stick to apply specific pressure to reflexology points

    2.   It also includes massage of the lower leg.

A Typical Session

The treatment offered by Saan Therapy is a result of studying TFM in both the UK and also Thailand in order to provide an authentic experience.


 At the start of the treatment you will be asked to complete a brief consultation form with the therapist. You will then be asked to remove your socks and shoes and relax on a couch. Please make sure you are wearing loose clothing – jogging bottoms are ideal.


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Your feet will be refreshed using a cleansing wipe. The first section consists of relaxation techniques on the foot and is followed by massage using the massage stick. Then the whole foot is massaged using the knuckles of the hand.

The reflexes are then stimulated by the massage stick and finally the lower leg is massaged before the treatment ends with more relaxation.

You may be worried that using a stick will hurt however the pressure used will be agreed by you with your therapist.