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Stressed? What’s it all about?

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stressEustress vs distress

In our lives we come across two different kinds of stress. Eustress is often seen as ‘good’ stress which enables us to experience excitement and gives us the ability to enjoy our lives. Distress is the opposite and is very damaging to our health.

Our bodies were originally designed to deal with stress in one or two ways – fight or flight. So when our ancestors came across a stressful situation (e.g meeting a sabre toothed tiger) stress allowed her to respond quickly to the threat. The hormones of our body created an environment for us to act.

These days our stress levels are likely to be affected by work, money issues, children and family in general. And instead of the immediate response of a flood of adrenaline which then quickly dissipates allowing our bodies to return to a calmer place we are likely to experience a long term level of stress with the stress hormones swilling around indefinitely and causing havoc to our well being.

Psychologically stress can affect our mood, our relationships, our view on life and our ability to function at our optimum performance – whether at home or at work.

Physically the effects of stress can be frightening:
• Heart problems
• High blood pressure
• Dizziness
• Panic attacks
• Hyperventilation
• Menstrual problems

Even the ‘lower level’ effects can have a significantly negative effect on our day to day lives:

• Increase in aches and pains
• More likely to have coughs and colds
• More likely to be affected by allergies
• Indigestion, heart burn and stomach ulcers
• Constipation, diarrhoea or IBS
• Weight issues
• Nausea

Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage can be used in a whole arsenal of tools to combat this stress.

As I mentioned last week – if we don’t look after ourselves then how can we look after others?

The benefits of these therapies – and others are:

• helps relaxation
• improves mood
• aids sleep
• helps relieve tension


And finally it can bring about an improvement in our sense of well-being.

What’s not to like?stress2

Information from International Stress Management Association UK –

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