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To pamper or not to pamper?!

Posted by Lorinda in Articles | Events | News

I often find myself at ‘pamper parties’ and ‘pamper evenings’ and it took me to musing how we see ourselves when we have treatments such as reflexology.

What is it with this word ‘pamper’?

stress-391654_1280Seems a little self indulgent and a little naughty. Perhaps even something we do not entirely deserve.

I would argue having a reflexology treatment is not about ‘pampering’ – it is deeper and more fundamental than that. It is about well being.

It is about making sure we are operating at the optimum level for ourselves and others.

Whatever way we look – women are still the majority primary carers for children and others. We carry out most of the housework as well as often holding down a job. Men have their own responsibilities and expectations.

All of this is draining and tiring. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is impossible for us to keep this level of activity up without it having some kind of detrimental effect on our bodies, our minds and our souls. This could be physical symptoms of stress and tension, mental health issues or even the day to day mild panic which stops us from enjoying our lives.

So any time we give over to re charging our batteries and making sure we take care of ourselves is time well spent. We are not ‘pampering’ ourselves. We are looking after our own well being so we can continue to work as hard as we do looking after others. This counts for men as well as women.

Because if we don’t look after ourselves then how can we look after others effectively?
So the next time you consider a complementary therapy treatment as a pamper consider thinking of it differently.



Think of it as essential self maintenance.

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